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#1 Post by bOB lASKO » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:01 am

Chevy Vortech heads done by Dave Jack. 50cc chambers. Victory Titanium valves, intake 2.080 and exhaust 1.580 Angle milled one degree, @.140. Has Titanium retainers with Manley Nextex 1.625 triple springs. Heads have fresh Valve job and head surface has had a cleanup cut. Have CP pistons to match combustion chambers, will separate. Call or e-mail for flow numbers. Asking $5500 with pistons and just heads $4500 or best offer.

CP Pistons bore 4.105. Comes with .927 pins. Call or e-mail for specs
MGP RODS 5.7 length, 2.0150 rod journal and .927 pin $200
Biondo Adjustable Trans brake button $50.00
Biondo regulator Trans brake button $20
ACD shift controller for 3 speed, no chips $175
ACD shift controller for 3 speed using chips $75
SBC Crower Sever duty roller lifters part # 66291 no off set $200
Braswell 750Holley carb with external air bleeds $550
Biondo RPM shift controller by Digital Delay for 3 speed $100
SBC 55 mm Bullet Roller Cam. Gross Valve lift intake .776, 7-2 swap $400
SBC Comp Cams Roller Cam standard journal Gross lift intake .706 $140
Manely Nextek Valve springs 1.677 triple. Will hold 320 at 2.100 $125
US Gear pro gears 650 #07-990650 no cracks. Good pattern $125
Russell Full Flow hose end 90 degrees 16an, new $30
All prices do not include shipping.

Accept pal pal
Bob Lasko

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