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How to setup a MSD Crank Trigger and Set Rotor Phasing - MSD's Flying Magnet Crank Trigger is pretty easy to setup with these instructions.

MSD RPM Limiter and Retard Chip Resistance Value Chart - Check your chips to see if they are the correct ohm value to RPM limit or Retard what they should be doing.

MSD 7531 Troubleshooting - Collection of notes on troubleshooting MSD's Digital Ignition Boxes.

The Budd Files - Collection of articles written by Patrick Budd, ProCar Performance

Racing Parachutes - Q & A with Bob Stroud of Stroud Safety, covers issues about installing, use and maintenance of a drag racing chute.

Racing Seat Belts and Window Nets - Discussion on the use, care and application of racing seat belts and other restraints.

Drag Racing Suspension Setup and Tuning - using Digital Video - Ready to record what you're doing at the race track? Read this series of articles to learn what to look for in a video camera, tips on videotaping your car and how to diagnose your launch.

Using video to help setup your car and tune your Launch - Learn to tune your suspension using a video camera

Choosing a Racing Video Camera - Things to look for in a video camera

Video Software - Getting your movie up on the Internet

Kiss that Torch Good Bye - Get those nitrous bottles up to pressure the safe way...

Spark Plug Reading 101 - How to read your spark plugs for optimizing fuel and timing

Blown Alcohol Plug Reading 101 - How to read spark plugs when using alcohol

Another excellent "How to read Spark Plugs" article

Racing Spark Plug Cross Reference for Autolite, NGK and Champion

The Pros and Cons of Racing Vacuum Pumps ...An in-depth Q & A with Greg Zucco, owner of GZ Motorsports

Powder Coating Equipment Review - Find out how easy it is to Powder Coat your own parts and get top notch results...

Drag Racing Weight Reduction Ideas - Just a short list of things that can save weight

AN Reference Charts - Handy race car plumbing reference info such as Stainless Tubing OD to AN size chart

NHRA / IHRA Approved Push Lock - Woven Hose Chart - Check to make sure that light weight hose you're buying will pass tech inspection!

Drag Racing Tire Section and Tread Width Chart - Section widths of popular racing slicks and drag radials with different rim widths

Aluminum Master Cylinder Part Numbers - Automotive Parts Store PN's for race type master cylinders (Dodge/Chrysler)

How to Make Nitrous Fuel Bleed Fittings - with pictures

How to install Big Block Chevy Valley Head Studs - Before your start your engine build, read this for some time saving tips on installing the "missing" inner head bolts on a Big Block Chevy

Nitrous Wiring Diagrams - Collection of wiring diagrams for Nitrous Systems

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