Rear sitting way too high

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Rear sitting way too high

#1 Post by PMD Driver » Wed Nov 16, 2022 11:44 am

Hello all,

Brand new here. Hope to be a contributing member but currently I do need some advice.

I have a 68 firebird and I'm building a max effort street car rather than a dedicated race car. (540 CID/4L80e/3.50:1 rear). The suspension was largely stock until recently. I removed the 10.2 BOP rear which did have slapper bars and replaced it with a Currie 9", Global West del-a-lum hangers and caltracs bars. For the moment I wanted to keep my stock springs and then make some ride height and traction adjustments later. No rear shocks yet but will be going with double adjustables after the ride height is correct so I can measure for correct shocks. Eventually I will be replacing the leaf springs but for now, I still have the factory original springs.

Now that the rear is installed (new hangers, new rear and caltracs) the car is sitting stupid high. I would guess easily 3" inches higher than previously.

I measured from center axle to spring mount and there is a nominal difference...less than 1/2" between old BOP and the 9". All the bolts are still loose front and rear on the springs so everything moves very freely still. I got under the car and pulled up and down on the bumper while watching the hangers and they're swinging very freely. The front spring eye bolt is very loose and there is no tension on the caltrac bar. The u-bolts on the axle are tight however.

Any thoughts on what the heck might be going on here? Do I need to release tension on the axle u-bolts? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.


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