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updated dave morgan seminars

#1 Post by rich » Sun May 10, 2009 10:44 am

I need your help.
Now that the racing season is here and I am doing the seminars fulltime, I am at a difficult point in my program. Drag racers are pretty conditioned to expect seminars from me during the winter months, but now I need to give seminars during the Spring and Summer months, which means no Saturday seminars; that’s race day.
So I have chopped the seminar course you were at into thirds: Chassis Structure; Springs and Shocks and Suspensions. This will create three four-hour seminars that can be presented in the evening hours after most people are off work. I have plann ed routes, which include three cites. I will visit these three cities three times in three weeks, giving the Chassis Structure presentation on the first week, Springs and Shocks on the second and Suspensions on the third.
Now I can solve two problems. First, guys won’t be so tired at the end of the course and second, I can (hopefully) do this year-round.

The help I need from you is to copy and post the following announcement on which ever forums you participate on. For me to be able to take a blue-collared approach to my business, I must think of effective ways to get my message out and I have no better ambassadors than those racers who have attended my seminar and benefited from the information I share. Naturally, if you have any encouraging comments you’d like to share on your forums, along with the following announcement, I would be most grateful.
So will you please help me and post the following announcement? This tour is a trial run to see if I can do this during the racing season and I don’t see how it is possible without your help.
Thanks so much,

Dave Morgan is giving seminars at night. He’s committed to traveling even more during the racing season to help racers tune their drag racing suspensions. He ’s divided his seminar course into three classes, which he will present on three separate week nights in selected markets. The three classes are: Chassis Structure; Springs and Shocks and Suspensions. Each class will last about four hours (start times vary) and costs $40/class. If you register for all three, the cost is $100.
Complete course outlines are available on Dave’s website www.davemorganseminars.com. Guys can register on his site or call him at 567/242-9779

17 Louisville, KY Day-long Seminar< /div>
26 Wannata, IN Chassis Structure Seminar
27 Antioch, IL Chassis Structure Seminar
2 Wannata, IN Spring and Shock Seminar
3 Antioch, ILSpring and Shock Seminar
9 Wannata, IN Suspension Seminar
10 Antioch, IL Suspension Seminar
13 Antioch, IL Workshop
23-25 Pratt, KS ;All three seminars
30 Lebanon, PA Chassis Structure
1 Vineland, NJ Chassis Structure Seminar
2 Newport News, VA Chassis Structure Seminar
7 Lebanon, PA Spring and Shock Seminar
8 Vineland, NJ Spring and Shock Seminar
9 Newport News Spring and Shock Seminar
14 Lebanon, PA Suspension Seminar
15 Vineland, NJ &nbsp;Suspension Seminar
16 Newport News, VA Suspension Seminar
21 Dallas, TX Chassis Structure Seminar
22 Houston, TX Chassis Structure Seminar
23 San Antonio, TX Chassis Structure Seminar
28 Da llas, TX Spring and Shock Seminar
29 Houston, TX Spring and Shock Seminar
30 San Antonio, TX Spring and Shock Seminar
4 Dallas, TX Suspension Seminar
5 ;Houston, TX Suspension Seminar
6 San Antonio, TX Suspension Seminar

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