Ladder bar, tire pressure and shock adjustments.

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Ladder bar, tire pressure and shock adjustments.

#1 Post by appleby68 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:41 am

I have a 68 charger bracket car with ladder bar rear with 4 mounting holes. I have the front of the bar(instant Center) mounted in the 2nd from the top hole. Bars are level with the frame of the car. Front shocks are 60/40 and plenty of front end travel. Rear shocks are single adjustable qa1's. I found my best 60ft so far was with 16lbs of air on m/t 29.5x10.5 ET drags, launching on trans brake at 3600 and the rear shocks at 1 click from full soft. The car hooked but shook the tires a bit and pulled a nice gradual 6 inch wheelie. If I go another click up the car spins. 60's drop and ET. Go to another track and put the exact same settings in and spins bad. Put the shocks at full soft and still spins. Take some t-brake out and still spins. Put front shocks at 90/10 and still spins. Decrease tire pressure and still spins. Could this be a sign that the suspension isn't hitting the tires hard enough. Tried 14lbs and shocks at full soft and 60s improved slightly. Mph was down of course. Car is 610 flywheel HP and 3366 pounds with me in it. Ran a best 10.83 @125 and 1.53 60ft 1/4mile. My best 60ft was 1.50 which was at a 1/8mile track and ran a 6.90@100mph. The car will hook up all weekend at one place and be consistent and then another track it will spin like crazy On the same settings. If the shocks are at full soft and it hooks up the best, then would moving the instant Center up a hole be the way to go or remove tire pressure and increase shock stiffness?
This is with 1 click from full soft and 60/40 front shock and 3600 trans brake. This was my best 60 ft at 1.50. Same setting different track and spin like crazy.

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