Body sagging

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Body sagging

#1 Post by MOKANRACER » Fri Aug 12, 2005 11:45 am

1962 Chevy II. Has TCI front end and Chassis Works ladders , 9" and QA1 12 way coil overs on all 4 corners. The car was sitting level and went straight,just wouldnt hook up. Ran 11.5 @ 119mph.60 ft 1.7...I adjusted my ladders up from the bottom hole to next hole up. Made sure I adjusted the rear hsg square to the sub frame connectors and ref,d to a couple factory holes in the frame as well. Its square within 1/4" . Now the body is sagging down on pass side,the same amount,front and rear. Should I adjust (preload) the right rear coil spring upwards? Or screw the bottom right ladder forward and the left rear back? This would make the rear out of square tho. Any ideas or advice please. I just ran the car about 10 miles out on the hwy and go,s straight. Thanks,Roger I think I answered my own question. I crawled under there, and realized as long as I didnt adjust any on the top bar,that the rear end hsg would stay square.I adjusted some on the pass side,rotating the hsg back,raising the shock/spring some,than did the oppisite on drvr side to maintain my pin angle. Ended up preloading the right rear up a bit with the spring adjustment. Anyway its back level. (drive-shaft is level) pinion is down 1 1/2 degrees and tranny shaft is down about the same.which gives a fixed? angle of 3 to 4 degrees? Does that sound right?

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