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New A/F Calibrator

#1 Post by John_Heard » Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:01 am


New A/F Calibrator

October 1st, 2008
Performance Trends
Livonia, MI

Performance Trends has released a completely new product, for checking wide band oxygen
(O2) sensors. These sensors are becoming common place around the dynamometer or
race shop for tuning engines. However, their accuracy can degrade quickly with very rich
mixtures and with leaded fuel. The problem is they will still read, just be off and you won’t
know it.

The Performance Trends A/F Calibrator lets you check the sensor at various richness levels
and verify it is still accurate. It can check at A/F ratios of 11:1 all the way to 16:1 or leaner.
In addition to just checking the sensor, it lets you check your entire measurement system,
including your dynamometer or vehicle data logger’s system’s A/F calibration, from end to

If you need to know if your O2 sensors and A/F system is accurate, you need the A/F

Visit for details or call 248-473-9230

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