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SFI-45.1 / SFI-45.2 / Flame Retardant DIY Pour In Place Seat

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 8:55 am
by ISP
Repeated testing is the only way you can improve your performance. ISP's repeated testing and continued product improvements are the only way we can increase driver survivability and comfort. ISP utilizes the best in all aspects of our product design, testing, materials, customer service and pricing. You will not find a better product on the market, our systems are backed with the knowledge gained through 70 dynamic sled tests and several static laboratory tests. The dynamic and static laboratory testing allows comprehensive testing of each component used in an ISP safety system.

Test and Design Methodology


The introduction of sled testing allows us to dynamically test the loads as seen in a real crash. Usage of crash data recorders in IRL, NASCAR, NHRA and FIA provides us with a baseline of real world data for incidents. Each incident is measured milliseconds allowing ISP to methodically dissect what actually occurred (recent implementation of ear sensors is enhancing head data available). Crash data in hand we can participate in a reenactment of an incident at high G test facilities. Utilization of real data to drive product improvement is what sets ISP ahead of all others in the industry. To date I have completed over 70 dynamic sled tests, none of my competitors have performed a fraction of this testing. I have spent nearly 20 years engineering, building, and testing racing seats to ensure driver safety and comfort.


All ISP products are designed with a thorough understanding of loads your body experiences during impact. We know how your body reacts to certain loads and what percentages of your mass will be exerted in specific areas of the safety system. A 215-pound person in a 70G impact can create forces over 15,000 pounds for fractions of a second. ISP addresses each zone of the safety system with a combination of structural design elements and energy absorbing foams.

Energy Managment


Not all foams are equal only ISP utilizes different variations and densities of foam depending on the specific application. All ISP foams have specific rebound rates, a superior performing foam will have the ability to reduce the amount of G's while controlling the rebound velocity to reduce secondary injuries. All ISP foams are capable of performing in multiple impact situations. Many foams and beaded seats available on the market today are for a single impact and will not prevent secondary injury others will not control the rebound at the proper rates and can possibly cause secondary injuries. Temperature sensitivity greatly contributes to the consistent performance of foams during race temperatures, cold temperatures can cause lesser foams to harden and heat to soften resulting in unpredictable behavior.


Be wary of products appearing similar to ISP products, all are impostors and have not been engineered or tested to meet the strict quality and performance requirements of ISP systems. ISP utilizes the best energy management to weight ratio of materials available.
If you are unable to locate an ISP product to suit your application, please contact me for a consultation.

Thank you for choosing ISP - Kris VanGilder

Re: SFI-45.1 / SFI-45.2 / Flame Retardant DIY Pour In Place Seat

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:05 am
by mytmouz

Re: SFI-45.1 / SFI-45.2 / Flame Retardant DIY Pour In Place Seat

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:18 pm
by vegaracer
But how much does this cost? :scratch:

Re: SFI-45.1 / SFI-45.2 / Flame Retardant DIY Pour In Place Seat

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:49 am
by ISP
Guys/Gals I did not intend to SPAM this message board, thanks for letting me post and participate in productive conversations about safety and letting folks know they do have options.

We offer standard products priced at or below other safety companies, if you compare our materials, crash testing/lab results, customer support and comfort everything we offer is a bargin.

We do not get rich by keeping people alive, just like you we do this for a love of the sport.

Please give us a call and we will help you select the products best suited for your application.