New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

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New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#1 Post by maxwedge72 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:24 pm

New! RBRE 588-SB Small Block billet racing engine kit!


What: 588 cid CNC Billet aluminum Small Block racing engine kit.

Why: Put your big block parts inside and out! Thay all fit! Makes for a smaller, yet stronger engine package, easier to fit and work with. BBC Headers and oil pan bolt right up too! About same size as SBC, exact same length! Can do 605 cid now, 638 coming soon...

Specs: 4.900 bore centers, 4.625 max bore, 9.780 to 9.968 deck, 4.500 stroke w/alu rods, more w/steel rods, 1.000 raised cam, billet tool steel roller cam, bearing mounted, 18 degree sbc style inline valve head, 425cc runners, can open runner to 500cc easy, 2.420 int. 1.900 exh, flows over 500 int-325 exh, 76cc peanut chambers, 5/8 shaft rockers, T&D offset BBC rockers, 18 bolt head, 0.875 0.300 long roller lifters, rev kit pockets built right into head, 0.925 lift nominal, 1.650 springs, 2.100 inst hgt, etc.

See web site:

Canadian all CNC built. Top quality. No other parts other than true U.S. or Canadian parts inside all kits. Period.

U.S. exchange at or below 0.80 CDN, brings huge savings!
All prices in canadian dollars.

Thank you!
Rene Gagner, ceo RBRE

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Re: New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#2 Post by vegaracer » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:29 pm

Shouldn't this be in the classifieds section?
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Re: New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#3 Post by sc racing » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:29 pm


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Re: New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#4 Post by Volvo240GLT » Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:19 am

Ermmm... Seems rather pointless to me?! If all the parts incl. heads are BBC parts just go with a BB? And how are those sizes even possible?
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Re: New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#5 Post by maxwedge72 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:38 pm

Hi all!
Thanks for moving post in the new prods, Mr Heard!

Block has same size as a SBC, and in some associations, this is how it goes...

Makes a much smaller package, easier to work on, fits much better in small cars...

First one out the door is a 605 cid pump gas unit, with a 500 shot of juice...

Here's the race tunnel ram intake for it, mounted on the CNC machine as of yesterday noon...


more pics soon...

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Re: New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#6 Post by Scott Coxwell » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:49 am

This could be the next very best thing!!!! with a turbo!!
So RBRE, you furnish the motor and I will furnish the car and tranny and lets see??

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Re: New! RBRE 588 Small Block...

#7 Post by maxwedge72 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:12 pm

Actually Scott, There is already a red split window Corvette with a twin turbo billet small block in it ( not mine ), running in the 6's... Maybe you heard of the guy... does Rod Saboury sound familiar? LOL...

I had the chance to chat a couple of hours with Rod this year at the EDRS Shootout... Nice fellow...

His car runs good and straight...

I was already working on the 588 when I met him and saw his setup. He runs only 400 cid, and reaches 2400HP so far...

As he says, the fit is so much better with a SBC in the car.

Of course, I made the 588-SB for Outlaw racing basically, and street cars with tight underhood space...

And don't get this wrong, it is not a BBC. We engineered it to fit BBC parts right in. Once you are done, it has the same length as a SBC. It's a totally new block, new heads and intake manifold. We just used the SBC envelope very ''efficiently''.

And with RBRE Small Block heads flowing as much as Big Chiefs and PB 1200's, power making isn't the issue, even with the small tight package...

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