See Through Oil or Fluid Filter Assemblies

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See Through Oil or Fluid Filter Assemblies

#1 Post by mikec55 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:37 pm

See Through Oil Filter Assemblies give the user the ability to keep track of their engine by being able to visually see the oil pumping through the filter assembly, so you can see the condition of the oil. The user can also visually inspect the filter element and the particles filtered out of the oil system in seconds after the engine is shut off, even when filtering non transparent fluid like engine oil. This is done without draining or leaking any oil, unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings and without the loss of any oil out of the oil system.

Being able to view the filtered particles will help determine if the particles are from normal wear or from components that are excessively wearing in the engine. This filter assembly will help see a problem in the engine before excessive damage or catastrophic engine failures happen.

Five different styles of See Through Filter Assemblies for different applications. The See Through Filter Assemblies that accept a disposable filter on the bottom is for the user who wants to filter microscopic and dust particles out of an oil system. See them all at

The oil first flows through the See Through Filter Assembly where the reusable filter element traps all the larger particles which can be viewed and inspected, while the microscopic particles flow into the disposable filter and are filtered out of the oil. This dual stage filter assembly will take all the contaminants out of the oil system. It will also extend the life and flow of the disposable filter and allow visual inspection of the contaminants and particles filtered out of the oil system.

For More Information go to
6in Screw-On Filter Assembly Picture<br />
6in Screw-On Filter Assembly Picture
4in Screw-On Filter Assembly Picture<br />
4in Screw-On Filter Assembly Picture
6in Hi-Flow Filter Assembly Picture<br />
6in Hi-Flow Filter Assembly Picture

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Re: See Through Oil or Fluid Filter Assemblies

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Re: See Through Oil or Fluid Filter Assemblies

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