7530T Question

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7530T Question

#1 Post by Chevyfireball » Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:27 am

My car came with a 7530T MSD which is the one NHRA specified Pro Stock cars must use because it has Traction Control Detection.

I plugged in my laptop to the MSD and the Monitors are showing:
TCD: 00:00
PTS: 00:00
RST: 18:20 (and its counting down)

The help file says this is counting down from 24:00 to 00:00 showing the last time the ignition was reset by the Crew Chief. (who needs a special key...Beats Me)!
I don't think its effecting my ignition but I don't know. Is this just a monitor that won't effect anything?I know if Traction Control is detected, the engine may be limited to 4000rpm until the ignition is reset or the TCD counts down to 00:00
Why anyone would put this ignition in a Top Sportsman style car I will never understand. :scratch:
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