Timing Lines gone from plugs!!!

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Timing Lines gone from plugs!!!

#1 Post by Stangville » Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:23 pm

I have a 427 small block ford with a Wilson 2-stage plate.

I had been running an MSD 6AL with a round blaster coil. On the dyno we were reading the timing line on the plugs to help us dial in various combinations. However, after many dyno sessions doing this we noticed that there were bank to bank variances in the timing lines. We figured that the 6AL had died and I decided to upgrade my ignition system to a 7531 MSD-7 digital and an HVC-II coil.

Now regardless of the configuration, there are no timing lines on the plugs... so NA with VP-110 fuel.. move the timing all around... an no timing line... regardless of the NOS configuration and/or timing... there is no timing line on the plug...

So my question is.... What happened to the timing lines?

They were a really nice tuning tool... so I want them back!!!

Now we are somewhat stuck to moving the timing around and finding the max HP... it works... but it takes a lot longer...

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