Need more stall?

One of the most critical areas of a automatic race car

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Need more stall?

#1 Post by joe69Z » Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:39 am

Were running a 355 ci SBC in a 78' Z/28 camaro with a comp cam solid lifter cam, 750 holley, nothing wild. We have caltrcs with a 4.56 gears ,turbo 400 trans. We can only leave at 2,200 rpm's any higher and car pushes threw lights. Converter is suppose to be a 3,800, I think we need more stall to get engine in power band quicker, Our best 60' is 1.55 and best 1/8 ET. is 7.37 only going threw 1/8th at 6.200 rpm's. Car weighs 3,100 lbs Tires are 28X10.5 hoosiers. Any thoughts other guy's are saying the same need more converter and gear? :scratch: Engine combination is good for 6.90- 7.00 1/8th mile ET's.

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Re: Need more stall?

#2 Post by Craig W. » Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:11 pm

What does the converter flash to? Its not easy to tell a lot about a converter by just foot braking it. Without a transbrake, you can get an idea of flash stall by getting it rolling up in high gear and stabbing the throttle quickly from a low rpm. If it comes up cleanly and doesn't spin, you should see it flash to somewhere above what you can foot brake it to.

Do you have the cam specs? What heads and intake?
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