Chance Bolt together Question

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Chance Bolt together Question

#1 Post by BENT8 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:09 am

Hi, i bought this convertor used off a member of another forum a couple of years back. Was sold to me as a small block procharger convertor.
I finally got the car running and im having some "idling" issues. When im in N the car idles at 1800rpm, i pull it into gear and the convertor pulls it down 1000rpm and the engine dies, checked for vacuum leaks, leaned the BV out, raised the idle speed to over 2600 in N etc etc etc and it just wants to "drive off" or die so to speak.
A little about the engine, its a 383 SBC with a F2 procharger, mechanical injection on alky. Box is a th400 with all the best bits including a 2.10 gearset.
Now, i pulled the convertor back out and noticed that the stator has no numbers stamped on it and that someone had ported the fins so to speak, also it looks as if they have turned the whole backside down in the lathe. Could this cause my issues with the big drop in Rpm at idle. I also did some research on the guy i bought it off, looks as if he had it behind a SBF nitrous combo, could he have done these mods to tighten it off the hit for the gas ?

Number on the convertor is: R25-BWM-MD-3409B-BUSHING
Here is some pictures:




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Re: Chance Bolt together Question

#2 Post by Marty Chance » Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:18 am

first i would check the sprag in the converter. With the stator sitting on a bench with the big self enclosed bearing facing up, take your left hand and hold the alum. stator and with your right hand put two fingers in the sprag and the sprag should ratched clockwise and lock counter clockwise.

If this is not the problem call me and we can go over your specs in greater detail. If this is the problem you will need to put a new diode in it.
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