6 lug converter

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ky mustang
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6 lug converter

#1 Post by ky mustang » Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:00 pm

What power level requires 6 lugs / flex plate bolts on the converter ?

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Marty Chance
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Re: 6 lug converter

#2 Post by Marty Chance » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:26 am

Depends on application, (assuming this is drag racing) on our billet 3 lug drive covers we have used them behind 4000+ HP turbo charged motors with out problems but then we have seen 1600-2000 HP nitrous or blower motors have problems. If a bolt and NUT are used (not just depending on thread in converter pad) 90% have no issues but some motors make more harmonics than others and since the converter is the second thing bolted to the crank it is one of the first things to come loose. There is no answer that is correct for every one on this issue. If you are having trouble with bolts coming loose check first that there is not another issue, but 6 lugs will always keep the bolts tight longer than 3 so if you are having trouble with the bolts backing off you may want to just go six lug.
Note - if a converter pad broke or bent - a bolt came loose. A converter pad that is bolted tight to the flex plate will not break
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