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Detailing & Jax Wax

#1 Post by sverbus » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:21 pm

I've been a Jax Wax Distributor for 2 full years now and I'm still very impressed with how well the product works.

For those interested, Jax Wax is your one stop shop for anything and everything to detail a vehicle from top to bottom, inside & out. Professional grade products, at the blue collar price.

I've detailed cars since I was tall enough to reach the roof, it's a good time for me. I enjoy the result. To take a car that has been neglected, or simply just reacts nicely to a clay bar, I'm very passionate about it. As is evident when looking at my Nova. To have paint like that, takes maintenance. If anyone has any questions about anything detail oriented, or about any of our products please feel free to hit me up here or email me.

So, to any of the members here I want to offer free shipping on anything less than a 5gal bucket of anything :)

The main website, which is ran by the guy who is my supplier, Scott Ellis, and is CEO of Jax Wax Distributions offers free shipping as well. So, you can order off of him or simple look and see what you would like and let me know, and I can pull it from my inventory and ship it to you.

Also, I do give % discounts to bulk purchases to detail shops or anything of that nature. I've got about a dozen detail shops here in Columbus that buy off of me and all are VERY happy and I work with them on deals and discounts. So, any of you guys that have shops that detail on a regular basis, and you want good affordable, long lasting polishes and waxes, let me know.

Scott Verbus
Jax Wax Distributor
'70 Nova
434 small block
Best so far of 10.51 @ 131mph with a best so far 60' /1.46

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