Carpet Install Tips?

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Carpet Install Tips?

#1 Post by 5448 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:38 am

Soon I'll have the floors welded back in the Nova, and I plan to install carpet to finish things off.
I have a bulk roll of lightweight loop pile carpet that I'll cut to fit.
Any tips on forming the carpet to the floor/tubs?
I would like to keep the number of seams to a minimum to keep it clean.
I haven't started measuring or test fitting yet, just brainstorming.
The biggest question I have so far is forming a section of carpet to each tub to cover the face and the vertical panel in one piece if possible. I plan to recruit my wife for some seam sewing, she just doesn't know it yet!
Any recommendations on adhesive? I'd like to use something with a little working time so I can adjust/stretch the carpet.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Carpet Install Tips?

#2 Post by BracketNova » Wed May 02, 2012 11:27 pm

See if you can find a steamer to rent. That is the secret. You can steam/heat up the backer to the carpet so it will form to whatever. Now it is not going to defy the laws of physics, but you can shape it. Yes, you are on the right track, you will need to seam the corners of your wheel tubs. Make patterns with paper. Be sure to make tick marks on both pieces so when you start to sew you know how to line up the pieces.

A couple other tips,
- The carpet will have a knap. Make sure it faces the same way in the car...all throughout the car. Otherwise the carpet will appear to be slightly different colors.
- Use the best glue you can find. Do not skimp here. Use the kind that you spray on the floor, spray on the backer, let tack and stick together.
- Test fit the pieces before gluing. This seams (pun intended) obvious, but what you probably don't realize is if you're glued up, stick it down and pull it back will pull the loops out of the carpet. Then your carpet will look like an old doll with its hair pulled out.
- Find the center of the carpet for the main floor piece and do one side of the car at a time.
- To make things look real nice...use 'jute' under the carpet. It's about 3/8" thick. Kinda like insulation. You can stack that up to make otherwise uneven floor pan areas level. This makes it look nicer and it is easier to cover.

If it helps here's one I did ... 371b9eedf7
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