motown 235 head on 406

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motown 235 head on 406

#1 Post by bottlesempty » Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:15 pm

Isthis too much intake volume for my.020over 400 caculates to404 cubes looking to spray200 shot solid roller motor I know this head wasdesigned for larger cube mouse just curious would it kill torqueNA versus my 221cc track 1 head unsure of real effect the extra 14cc of intake would have will it make 404 cubes lose a substantial amount of ftlbs?in low mid range as the car sits converter stalls about5k against trans brake any cam suggestions current cam is like.250/260@.050 with .624 lift shift at6900rpms 11.5/cr caris fun to drive plenty of torque considering it replaced a small stroke 327maybe its time for some boost or 421 c cubes would the 235 head work well on current404 with the 200 hit Im considering

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