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Carb Shootout

#1 Post by jmarkaudio » Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:26 am

For those that have not heard there is a Carb Shootout starting Saturday at BLP. Two engines, a Mullins Racing Engines SBC built for stock car racing and a Steve Schmidt BBC built for drag racing will be used on BLP's Revolution inertia dyno to test the carbs performance. Performance will be measured in acceleration time between RPM points, due to the ability of the inertia dyno. For those interested the Carb Shootout will be streamed live on the internet at the following addresses.

Livestream has an iPhone app that will allow you to watch as well, information can be found at D1ck Berggren's Speedway Illustrated Facebook page. Once you download the app you can search it for BLP or Speedway Illustrated and select the Speedweay Illustrated link.
Facebook page.

The following will have the Big Block shown Monday and Tuesday.


Most likely the Livestream iPhone app will work for the speedtalk link as well.

Anyone interested in how this developed and who is entered can read here. ... 14&t=27500
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