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New Fuel System

#1 Post by gonzo64nova » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:43 pm

I am currently putting together my fuel system components list and was wondering if it will be adequate,here's what Im thinking of using....
1) Rear mounted cell to #10 line into Aeromotive #11203 Fuel pump (good for 750 hp supposedly)
2)#10 line to Magna Fuel log,into a Holley 803 Reg (for plate) and a Magna Fuel 2 port for carb
3) #6 Lines into NOS solenoid and Carb

Its a pump gas sbc 406 with RM Brodix Track 1s (10-1 cr,505 hp) Holley 850 dp,roller cam,forged bottom end,with a Big Shot plate (150 hp)in a 76 Nova with stock suspension,Calvert front & rear shocks,CE Bars,4.56s ,Full manual T350 w/brake, 9.5 Pro Torque convertor(3800 stall), 275s MT/DRs I am primarly going to street drive it but want to hit a few Index class races during the year.
I am figuring this combo should go mid to high 10s NA and high 9s on spray. Sound about right? -Bill

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