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Swapping Pistons

#1 Post by Ls7camaro » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:44 pm

Guys and Girls, I need some suggestions or pointers.

I have a set of LS7 pistons and a GM 180 cam. Currently, my engine is the 454 with TRW LS6 pistons and the Comp LS6 plus cam.

You guessed it, I want to move to the LS7 pistons and cam, I know I need rod/main/cam bearings, but what else do I need? Swap Valve Springs, and new lifters. Can I just ball hone the block myself, spray it with WD 40 and go in and out a few times? then have the rotating assembly rebalanced, install new rings, and put everything back together. Next, is getting a DIY port/polish kit a good idea? Just smooth out the runners? I have GM 990 heads, same goes with the Victor intake. I am thinking of running a 150 shot of nitrous with that and just saw a snow water/meth injection kit. Is that worth it? Any tips/suggestions are suggested.

Next, I have a 350 TBI, any ideas to make that a bit better of a two truck? 4.10 gears? Will Vortec heads work on that engine? Thanks Everyone.
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