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Converting to LS7

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:50 pm
by Ls7camaro
OK,taking the plunge. I am swapping the LS6 pistons out and the LS7 in. Also, moving over to an Hbeam rod, ARP bolts, I was going to have the GM990 heads ported / polished, but the person that does that is going to swap my heads plus some cash for a set of Merlin heads. Bigger Valves and those are ported. So, to recap, LS7 Pistons, lighter H beam rods, Merlin heads. I was going to use the old LS7 Cam, its a GM 180. Is that a good choice? Or is it better moving to something else? The guy putting this together has tons of experience, and is recommending something else. Is the GM 180 cam sufficient? I am looking for more than 600HP, is that unrealistic?