Brand New to Dragging, looking for simple Nitrous options

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Brand New to Dragging, looking for simple Nitrous options

#1 Post by ubertuner » Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:46 pm

First off, let me say we only have ocational drag races here in Terrace, and it's really more of a gathering of hobbyists than anything profesional. It's a real treat when we can actually have a rail car attend the event. We only run an 1/8th mile at our local airport and, unfortunately because of work, I've only been able to attend once as a spectator. But, we do get everything from lifted diesel pick-up trucks to snowmobiles and everything in between. It's not uncommon to see a '95 Mustang going up against a '95 Yamaha V-Max sled.

My ride is starting as very near stock, with the exception of ported and polished head. It is a '84 Toyota Celica, 22RE motor, which is 2.4 litres-fuel injected. Horsepower rating for the motor is presumed to be between 100-120, single overhead cam, 2 valves per cylinder. Very basic four banger. The motor is tourquey, though, and is a '92 version of the 22RE, running all of the '84 controls, like vacuume advance on the dizzy.

I've been told that the motor should easily survive 50hp shots of Nitrous for short durations. Does this sound about right? Or will you folks need more details about the motor. The pistons and head are both aluminum.

I have a very basic understanding of plumbing Nitrous with a carb, but how about with fuel injection? Where, on this type of setup, does an isolated Nitrous system add the fuel? Is there a plate that fits between the throttle body and the intake or what?

Any help or pointings in the right direction would be very much appreciated. Remember this ride is a daily driver that wants just enough extra oomph to put Honda's in the rear view mirror.

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Re: Brand New to Dragging, looking for simple Nitrous options

#2 Post by jeffwiebe » Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:55 pm

You might want to call NOS on this one. But you could probably get a 4 cylinder sled kit and install the fogger nozzles directly into the intake manifold. You can set up an electric fuel pump and tank just for the spray. Don't "T" into the factory fuel line. The factory fuel injection requires a steady fuel pressure that is mutch higher than the nitrous needs.

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