Jet changes vs. Fuel pressure Changes

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Jet changes vs. Fuel pressure Changes

#1 Post by EntenmannRacing » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:53 am

I saw a post were someone wanted to know the differences between changing fuel jets and changing fuel pressure.

I made and attached an excel spreadsheet graph to demonstrate the effect changing pressure vs. changing jet size.

The first data point was calculated with the same values 5psi fuel pressure, .032 fuel jet, specific gravity .735 and orfice constsant of .97.

For the jet change line on the graph I maintained the fuel pressure at 5 psi and changed jet size in .001 increments
For the fuel pressure change line I maintained the fuel jet at .032 and change fuel pressure in .5 psi increments

as you can see from the graph in the file jet changes have a more exponential function than fuel pressure changes.

Flow comparison.GIF
Flow Calculation graph
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