MSD Launch Control # 8735 Problems

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MSD Launch Control # 8735 Problems

#1 Post by gearjammer » Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:35 am

I am trying to get my 3 step installed for this weekend (tomorrow) and I have been working on it for a day now. its not that hard but I can't get it to power up the way MSD has told me to do.

I called again this morning to MSD Tech and they have told me the same thing, small red wire of the 8735 connects to the small red wire of the MSD 6AL box, and make sure its grounded.

Well I have done that and it doesn't work, Ive chacked the module by putting 12volts to it and the LED lights up but it doesn't light up by wiring it the way they said to do it and I'm about done with it.

Any ideas, the wiring instructions say the red wire connects to a switched 12 volts, such as the IGN terminal on the MSD 7 series. Well I dont have a 7 series and the assure me that it will work with a 6AL because of the RPM limiter.

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Re: MSD Launch Control # 8735 Problems

#2 Post by ERV JR » Sun Oct 26, 2008 1:50 pm

I dnolonger run a 6al but can assure that they have a switched 12v source, I would check with a meter and see what wire on the box is hot when the key is switched

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