Issues with new trans

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Issues with new trans

#1 Post by Super73 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:28 am

Well I have been busy with school and have been able to spend a little time here and there getting the new glide in. It's finally in with the new shifter etc. The glide is an Abruzzi manual valve body T-brake deal with an 8" 5,200rpm N20 verter.

I put the truck in the air on the lift (tires 6" off the ground) to put it through the gears after setting the linkage up.
Turned the idle up to 1,500 and put dropped it in to first, tires spin, second you can tell it shifts and the tire speed goes up, perfect.
Put the brakes on and stick it in nuetral. If I take my foot off the brakes I get some wheel speed but I have seen that before with other trannys so not overly concerned.
Put on the brakes and put it in reverse and I have wheel speed in the forward direction (a little puzzled).
Step on the brakes and hit the T-brake button which should engage reverse according to Abruzzi.
Get off the brakes and the tires are still going in the forward direction (now really puzzled).
Put it in park and shut it off.
Put the shifter in to reverse and hit the T-brake button to see if I can hear the T-brake solenoid click like an N20 noid. Doesn't click, it screams while I am on the button, release the button, scream goes away.
Try it a few times and still screams.
I decided to put the truck in the air and tap lightly on the noid with the plastic end of a screw driver to see if perhaps it was stuck.
Bring it back down, with it off and in reverse try pushing the button and it screams again.

I have the T-brake wired through a relay. The NO side of the relay goes to the T-brake and the NC side feeds my N20 relays so that the unit won't be on when the T-brake is engaged.

I can't really get the truck out of the shop right now as it is raining here and I have a trailor 12" in front and 12" behind me blocking both doors. So no way to street test and there is no way I am going to try and get on the T-brake incase it isn't working.

So any ideas?

I'm going to call Abruzzi on Monday, but I figured I might be able to play with it a little tomorrow.

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