Question on Parts and Fitting

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Question on Parts and Fitting

#1 Post by Ls7camaro » Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:36 pm

I have a question. Will a Moser 9" rearend out of a 75 Camaro fit in a 71 Nova? Also, looking to swap the powerglide out of the camaro and into the Nova, is there any issues with fitting? Different Crossmember? Last will the Driveshaft work? Is the rearend wider in the camaro than the Nova?

I am looking at buying an older race car minus the motor and swapping the good parts from that into the nova, then, putting the parts from the nova onto the camaro, a 327 I have into the camaro, TH350 and 10 bolt, and just reselling it as a 13.00 track car.

As always thanks guys for the help, I appreciate any advice given.
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Re: Question on Parts and Fitting

#2 Post by ytnova » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:44 am

I think a stock 2nd gen camaro rear is wider than our novas, but with a 9" who knows how they had it setup, could be wider or narrower depending on what they wanted. I have no idea on the spring perches, even if both are in the stock location. As for the glide, they fit no problem, you have to use the TH350 crossmember, a bolt in. As for the driveshaft, a 9" is longer front to back than a 10/12 bolt, but who knows if the motor was set back in the camaro, so you would have to measure that as well. Alot of variables, with the exception of the trans, your gonna have to measure both vehicles and compare.
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