Hey, are you guys still out there ????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Hey, are you guys still out there ????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

#16 Post by wikd69 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:37 pm

That booger sure sounds good ! And looks good too, once you adjust to that pumpkin glow :)

Same old thing here - still tweaking and building, getting ever closer to making noise. I've been three months away from engine start for over three years now. You know how that goes. It's amazing how many things had to change to accommodate this change to EFI/DIS, with this new motor. You essentially take most of the wiring out of the car, 80 percent of the fuel system, and the entire engine out, and throw all of that away and start over. Who the hell knew ?

I'll get there but man, I'm tired of the constant grind here on this beast. It had better be worth it in the end :)
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