Well, it *is* more of a street car than a race car...

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Well, it *is* more of a street car than a race car...

#1 Post by wikd69 » Mon May 11, 2009 1:20 am

I finally ran the Camaro across the scales down at the track.

In street trim (full exhaust, tubed tires, 2/3 full cell etc.) this thing weighs 3850 lbs with me in it. With a full fuel cell, this puppy would hit close to 3900 lbs... Geezo !!!!!!!! :shock: :scratch:

Boy, no more In-N-Out burgers for me... :smt005

The good news (I guess) is that I'm making considerably more horsepower & torque than I thought I was, given this weight, my 60' times, ET and mph through the traps. :smt003
1969 ProStreet Camaro RS Best 9.75@139 1.46 60'
Blown 427 BBC, TH400 w/Brake, Back-Half Ladderbar
Narrowed 12-Bolt, 4.10 Gears, Spool, Moser 33 Spline


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