Any guesses on what these changes will net for a ET drop?

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Any guesses on what these changes will net for a ET drop?

#1 Post by Super73 » Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:33 pm

Last time out my 63 Chevy truck weighed 3,850 with me in it and a half tank of gas. It went a best of 11.96 @ 113mph NA with a 1.67 60' spinning about 3-4 feet out for about 20' or so crossing the traps in second gear due to the 3.73/30' tire and 7,100 rpm. I think it was reacting like it did in the 60' because I could not stiffen up the front shock any more.

3,850 (53.2% front / 46.8% rear) half tank of gas to 3,600 (52.5% front / 47.5 rear) with a full tank of gas
3.73 to 4.56
Removed stock rear antiroll bar and put in a much bigger one.
Shock change both front and rear (more adjustable)
Single plain and electric water pump. Bellow is an overlay of the old vs new dyno's (dyno shows verter locked on both pulls).

Do you think it's possible to get a mid-high 1.5 60'
What about an 11.40 out of it??

Thanks in advance.

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