Dj Safety to Sponsor Bluebaugh- Offical Team Press

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Dj Safety to Sponsor Bluebaugh- Offical Team Press

#1 Post by Deborah-WFO » Mon May 03, 2010 10:01 pm

DJ Safety Racing Equipment to Sponsor Bluebaugh for 2010 8-)

Bluebaugh Racing is pleased to announce that DJ Safety Racing Equipment has joined us as a sponsor for the 2010 racing season. Bluebaugh’s Marketing Director, Deborah Woodard, said we are proud to carry the DJ Safety name and a company that believes in supporting the racer. We recently received a new 3-2A/15 Fire Suit, which is the best quality suit we have had in all our years of racing. I met the company’s owner Joe Hansen last year in Las Vegas and had a chance to understand just how much work and care he puts into DJ Safety products. It’s rare to find a company anymore that still hand crafts their product line in house one item at a time. I was impressed by Hansen’s attention to detail as he took the time to explain the design quality of his driver’s suits. DJ Safety is certainly a company that I wanted in our racing program.

As part of the sponsorship negotiations, DJ Safety was among four sponsors who agreed to help Woodard launch a new Web Store project specifically designed for Bluebaugh Racing’s sponsors. Woodard said we realize the economy has been tough for many companies so we wanted to increase our investment in supporting the companies who support us through furthering our efforts to produce sales. The Web Store, marketed under the name 1320 was published in February with excellent response. We are excited that we will now be able to offer fellow racers quality products from our sponsors through the 1320 Racer project at exceptional prices. I think it will prove to be a good deal for everyone.

DJ Safety is based in Los Angeles, California and is a family owned and operated company with a long and rich history in the Safety Product Business. Hansen is a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander serving 22 years in the Nuclear Submarine Force. In 1989 he became the General Manger of Deist Safety Products. Hansen and his wife Darlene Deist Hansen founded DJ Safety in 1996 with interest in high level design engineering. They targeted aerospace, aviation, film, and theme parks. Hansen who carries a Bachelors degree in Industrial Technology and Masters in Systems Management has contracted with entities such as NASA, Boeing,, and John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab for development and manufacture of Ballistic and heat reflecting containment devices.

Woodard said what the racer is getting from DJ Safety far exceeds the demands of racing in the knowledge and expertise that has gone into the design of DJ Safety’s products. It’s certainly evident in the products we have received. The company carries a full line of racing safety equipment including gear for drivers, seat belts, engine diapers, transmission blankets, fire safety systems, blower restraints, helmets, parachutes, and more. We wish to welcome them as a part of our team

Special Thanks to all our sponsors; Magna Fuel, Speed Scene Racing, JE Pistons, Friction Unlimited, Hughes Performance, DJ Safety, W. W. Williams, SI Valves, Highway 69 Racing Products

Bluebaugh Racing is supported by WFO Racing and Machine, , and the Worlds Fastest Organization LLC – Marketing


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