Should be back together soon

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Should be back together soon

#1 Post by sverbus » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:48 pm

Well, finally had a stroke of good luck hit me square in the nuts :nutkick:

I was turned onto an engine builder by the name of Doug Mann who run's Mann's Performance in Newark, ohio. He has done a ton of motor's and such for a bunch of the fireman and police officers that I'm friends with. And ALL of them spoke highly of him. Well, it happened that he was in dire need of a computer IT guy to help with some computer systems that he was wanting to get setup to make his business more efficient! Well, I'm all for bartering labor for he now has my motor.

A few weeks ago was when I dropped it off and we found that we had excessive ring gap....not insane..but more than we'd like to see and had 5 broken valve springs and ALL of them were barely over 160# of seat pressure.... :shock:

So, these springs that I got off of my uncle 2yr's ago weren't as in "good shape" as he would have me think. Oh well, water under the bridge. The bearings (King triple metal H series) looked like brand new, which is always a good sign. and the pistons still have the skirt ribs on them..which is another good sign. Top end of the motor was eating itself alive slowly though..thank god I didn't race the car late last year, or I might have hurt it. As it is now, we are just going ot have him freshen the heads and do a valve job (which I also had some bent valves because of the rockers slapping the weak springs) and we are going to a new bumpstick that will really open this motor up. ALso going to do the 4/7 fire order swap on the cam to help with longevity.

The Rack & Pinion is pretty much in and the brakes should be here soon to get them installed. So hoping to be out here soon! I'm getting an itchy throttle pedal foot :)

It's just great that I can swap my computer/IT labor for his laber because we all know that it's labor at machine shops that kills ya, not necessarily the parts. (sometimes) :)

Hope to give you all an update soon and some pic's of the rack and brake install.

'70 Nova
434 small block
Best so far of 10.51 @ 131mph with a best so far 60' /1.46

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