Building a 4 speed car

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Building a 4 speed car

#1 Post by Gus68 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:55 pm

Hey guys!!! I have a 62 belair 2 dr sedan, that I am thinking on making into a 4 speed bracket car. I know that sounds like disaster, and I've been down this road before with my chevelle, but I have this car and I NEED to do something with it. Right now it has a mild 350 with a saginaw 4 speed and a 9 inch with 3.70 gears. I have an old cast iron T-10 with pro shifted liberty gears and a ford toploader with pro shifted liberty gears. I also have a compleatly used stock 400 sitting around. Being I am starting basicly from scratch, I would like to hear any advise, ideas or words of wisdom on what YOU would do to build a decent 4 speed car! Thank you for any help!!!

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