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Trackblog - Drag contributors?

#1 Post by callumcraddy » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:39 pm

Hey. I have registered here mainly as I am actually interested in some of the awesome builds on here and quite enjoy seeing people pushing their cars to the max!

But also (i hope it is ok for me to post here),

Me and a mate have started on a new Motorsport blog which consists of all motorsports from Drifting to MotoGP etc and I was wondering if anybody on here who attends many/any drag events and gets photo's/would fancy writing up a quick report would like a chance at blog posting on Trackblog?

Main reason I am asking is that I don't attend many events as I am more into drifting and don't really get the chance to get to any strip events! So if anybody would fancy it, it would be well appreciated. With the right content this could get pretty big. Contributors would get a full bio made for them to credit them for the posts!

If you fancy a try, email me on OR send me a message on facebook (Callum Craddy) as I may not get chance to come back to check this within the next week or so as I have a very busy week planned!

As I said, sorry if you aren't happy with me posting this here, But I am just on a sort of quest to get this up and running properly and to try and get some contributors on board for each category of motorsport :)

Thank you,
Callum Craddy.

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