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Re: Hey.....

#16 Post by wikd69 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:35 am

Bruce69Camaro wrote:This year was a big disappointment to me. I was all set to get the car down and like clockwork, somebody needs something and my wife's paycheck isn't going too far with the cost of gas and foods prices.

My coworker and engine builder offered to pay my way in, but they have already done so much for me, I had a hard time accepting the offer.

The car is basically ready to go though.

We're having a birthday bash this weekend and I got friends that haven't seen the car yet and I'm itching to see the looks on their faces, because the last time they saw this car, was like 15 years ago and it was still in pieces. I'd love to fire it up, but the driveway will be full and I'm sure the wives won't be to happy with the men running outside. That's the only problem with having a garage attached to the house.
I hear ya. That's been part of the problem here - too many places where time and money is needed for more important family stuff - my racing addiction takes a backseat to all of that. I missed all of this year after having lost a roller lifter back in March. Of course with mine, I have had a lot of time at the track and on the street. I'm betting you're just frothing at the mouth to get yours out to scare folks with :smt003
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Re: Hey.....

#17 Post by Mike Peters » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:47 am

Bruce69Camaro wrote:
Mike Peters wrote: Harry, I'm far from the smartest person......
AMEN TO THAT BROTHER......... :nutkick:
I'm a friend of yours.....how smart could I be? :smt101
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