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Nova update

#1 Post by ytnova » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:01 pm

It has been a while and we need to get this board rolling again! So A few updates on the nova, nothing new on the mustang for now as I promised my other half that I would not spend any money on it until this winter, my bank account can hardly wait, lol. Anyways, I had not been out much with the nova, but figured earlier this year that dragweek was something to do again. I installed a new converter last month, but had not really done any testing on it. Figured I would one and done at the first track(national trail) and was rewarded with a nice 9.16@147. this was the fastest pass so far with the stockish 5.3. Left that afternoon with a leasurly 270+ mile drive up to Norwalk.

My intent was another one and done with a small raise in the launch rpm to hopefully leave on more boost, no such luck. It left ok with a 1.39 60 foot, but just was not making any power and only ran a 10.16. checked the data log, low boost. I took apart the manual boost controller and found a piece of trash, cleaned it out and went back to the lanes. The second pass and she left way better and was on a pass until @1100 feet and I felt it lay over, crap! I quickly scanned the rear mirror, DEATH SMOKE!! All I could think of and kept repeating in my head was please don't oil the tires, please don't oil the tires. I safely made it to the turnoff and it was hardly running so I turned it off. I got a tow back to the pits and promptly pulled the plugs starting on the drivers side as they are easier to get to. #1 looked ok, just wet, #3 had a bent electrode, #7 was fine but a little wet as well. #5, well it wouldn't come out at first, PROBLEM! Seems something large hit #5 and it was now oval shaped, not positive. I stuck a camera in #5 and it looked pretty bad, spun the motor over and the piston didn't move. Needless to say, the end of dragweek 2016 due to a broken rod. Best guess is it pulled apart, I have yet to pull the head and do any other investigation and have already started on a new power plant. Another 5.3, just with a forged rotating assembly, pistons should be here tomorrow. I have gone back and checked the data log on that pass and everything looks good up to that point in the run, so I guess that rod just reached the end of it's life. The time slip was a 1.36 60 foot, 5.7x@120 to 1/8th and 9.06@147 at the stripe, should of been a nice high 8 second pass.

I will download some pics of the plug when I get a chance and some of the internal carnage once I pull it apart. I also have a video from inside on the first day I will try and upload. In the other lane was none other than Larry Dixion the Top fuel Driver. Kind of nice to be able to say that I beat him, but then again, he finished the week and I didn't. :(
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Re: Nova update

#2 Post by wikd69 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:20 pm

Dang, sorry to hear about this :( Hope it hasn't eaten too much up inside the motor. Post pix when you get it apart...
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Re: Nova update

#3 Post by Hitchcock » Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:38 am

That sucks man. Hopefully you can get back up and running soon!
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Re: Nova update

#4 Post by John_Heard » Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:22 am

Sorry about the bad luck, hopefully the new build goes well.

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Re: Nova update

#5 Post by Bruce69Camaro » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:58 pm

Sorry to hear that. Looks like we both got the same illness......
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