dragster tire shake help

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dragster tire shake help

#1 Post by modifiedman » Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:14 pm

I was wondering if I could get some help from all you guys with a dragster I have suffering from the dreaded tire shake
Where I am from in Australia we don't have a local track to test at so I have to travel 6-700 miles to national meetings so qualifying is my only testing.
The car is a 245 inch s&w slip joint with a sunset aspirated 632 aluminum twin apd carb on 16 gas, 33 x 15 x 15 goodyears 3.70 gears. Car has gone 6.77/200 mph
For 2 seasons ran a 584 with 1000 hp and never played with timing, it took it all, but now the 632 with about 1300 is more sensitive. Have recently added a grid to give better timing control.
The track I race on is very well prepared so with now the new grid would anyone be able to help with a timing curve setting to start with, is it better to use the launch retard feature or gear curve or both ?

Appreciate any help

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