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Cam Motion Katrina Relief Help

#1 Post by John_Heard » Wed Sep 07, 2005 10:27 am

(Received this email from Kip today and thought I would put it up here on the board incase others want to help..JH)

Dear John,

As you know, Cam Motion is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, only 50 miles from some of the hardest-hit areas of Hurricane Katrina. Since our business has been growing and our customers are so good to us, we are in a great position to provide direct aid for those needing it most. While the Red Cross, FEMA and other emergency services are doing a great job, it is not enough as countless refugees and survivors remain without power, food, shelter, water and items required for daily living.

For the last few days, we have personally provided aid to some of the neglected areas, that is, neglected by the media and by emergency services. Even though finding a gas station with gasoline is difficult here in Baton Rouge, we have been driving food to Bogalusa, Louisiana and Waveland, Mississippi. We have also sent out two (2) trucks full of supplies from Sam's Club today to Kentwood, Louisiana for their relief just yesterday. You would not believe the stories we are hearing and experiencing first-hand.

If you feel comfortable, and would like to contribute directly to our efforts, please contact Carolyn at (225) 926-6110 or via email at and we will make sure any donation, whether manpower, supplies, or monetary, will be used in the direct efforts of Katrina Aftermath relief. You can also help by keeping us busy so we can continue to support local economy. When trying to call, you may receive an “All circuits are busy” message -- this is normal for the past week -- please keep trying.

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and support,

Kip Fabre

President, Cam Motion

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