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#1 Post by fishman » Sun Apr 22, 2007 12:20 am

I bought a lm1 innovate &the instructions r for a lawyer anyways i have a couple ? hopefully u can guide me in the right directions.

Looking in the operations manual, shows a picture of what shows up on the screen of the lm1 when in use. Left hand corner is a reading of what they call lambda what ever that is, i kinda figured it is the reading of fuel and the right hand corner is a number with afr behind....so that number would be the pounds of air to the left number meaning the pounds of fuel.

so the left number at perfect would read 1.00 meaning 1 pound of fuel and the right number would read 14.7 afr pounds of air, so there would be a perfect condition......so if u had a reading of .68 left side and a reading of 16.8 so u would times 16.8 by .68 and get 11.4 for a number or am i out to lunch.....kinda confused

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#2 Post by RPM » Fri May 04, 2007 5:31 pm


If I understand you correctly, the confusion is that lambda and AFR are two different ways to express the same thing. The air fuel mixture can be expressed as a "lambda" measurement with 1 being the "ideal" mixture. The "AFR #" is the lbs of air, divided by the lbs of fuel, and 14.7 AFR means the mixture has 14.7 pounds of air for every pound of fuel. If you had a scale that displayed weight in Kg and pounds it would be a similar thing to lambda and AFR. 2 Kg on the left would be the same as 4.42 lbs on the right. Multiplying them together wouldn't mean anything. Most racers use the AFR# to tune with.

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