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one quick question

#1 Post by DOTracer » Fri Jun 30, 2006 9:26 pm

I've ready through the instuctions on the RPM DL10. The recording start rpm's (autostart) have me a tad confused. The examples given were for t-brake cars. I typically prestage at an idle, then wait for my competitor to prestage. I then will raise my rpms watching the tach then bump in for final staging. Due to this proceedure, I'm at stage rpm a bit longer than a t-brake car.

I typically footbrake my car at between 1800 to 2500 rpm. I think I used an initial record start rpm of around 1700 rpm. Also, I think I set the driveshaft rpm at 500 rpm.

Am I in the ballpark with these settings, or do I need to tweak these parameters?

Got everything done and did a test in the garage on stands and everthing seems to be working fine and will be testing on Sunday at my next race.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of results/data I see after using this for a while.

BTW, big thanks to Randy for getting the cables back to me in time to be able to use the system this weekend!


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#2 Post by RPM » Sat Jul 01, 2006 2:49 pm


The instructions are not as clear as they need to be. The Engine RPM, Drive RPM and G meter settings in the Acquisition section of the setup are the Automatic Launch Detect function. You should set those values to a level that will not be reached until after you leave the starting line. The other setting that works with the Auto Launch Detect is the "Seconds of pre-launch data".

What the computer does with the Auto Launch detect is this. When the recording is started by the record button, (or the remote stitch) it begins recording data, and also checks each reading to see if the Engine, Driveshaft or G meter value is above the setting you put in the Acquisition setup. It will continue to record for hours if the readings don't ever go above the values you set. But, once it sees a value above the settings, it will clear the previous data except for the "prelaunch data seconds" just before the preset level was reached. Then it will record the run, stopping when the memory is full.

So, if you set it for 5 seconds of "Prelaunch Data" and set the Engine RPM for 4000 RPM and the Drive shaft for 1000, you will always get data before the launch, and the complete run, no mater how long you wait at the starting line after the recording is started. By setting the levels to a value that won't be reached until after you leave the line, you prevent missed runs in unusual conditions.



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#3 Post by DOTracer » Sat Jul 01, 2006 5:23 pm

Thanks Randy.

Actually the instructions were pretty clear on the autostart process. I just was unsure if the engine & driveshaft rpms should be above or below my stage rpm footbraking.

Since I stage at 1800-2500 rpm, i think I'll start out at 3000 rpm on the engine rpm.

thanks a bunch!

Todd Geisler

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