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#16 Post by Racer704 » Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:01 pm

If in the future you want to look into a good O/2 set up for your data logger go to NGK/NTK site . You can find thease for 235. on e-bay new. Now NGK did a smart thing they went to ECM who has probally the best one and oldest on the market.

NGK got the to make there unit with there technology in a affordable set up. It comes with a O/2 sensor and if you want to upgrade to there NTK for and extra 150 then you can.Easy to use and they dont have the failure rate like inovate and are not as hard to work with.

Great teck support also and reads 9.0 to 18 on 0 to 5 v output for any data logger.I am adding 8 bungs and going to tune 2 at a time.
Johnny B.

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