Dodge Aluminum Master Cylinder Part Numbers

Dodge Aluminum Master Cyl PN Info Popular Dodge/Chrysler Aluminum Tandem Master Cylinder Part Numbers (Race Car Style)
  • 1 1/8" Models Weigh 2 lbs 5.6 Oz.
Bore Size Front Port Rear Port PN's Notes
1 1/8" 9/16-20 Inverted Flare Outlet 1/2-20 Inverted Flare Carquest: BPR20-1860
NAPA: NMC M2411 (was 39178)
O'Reilly: MC98895 (was MC98894)
1981 Dodge Ram D-150, 2WD with manual brakes Fittings needed are Edelman part #258340 and 258350
1 1/32" 9/16-20 Inverted Flare Outlet 1/2-20 Inverted Flare Cardone MC PN 131822
O'Reilly MC PN 10-1822 (Cardone Brand reman - no reservoir)
Autozone Reservoir PN R23804
Dorman M99294 (Summit DHB-M99294)
1979-1983 Chrysler Cordoba plus other models
1" 1/2-20 Inverted Flare 1/2-20 Inverted Flare Strange B3360TA aftermarket design - similar to Dodge Style Holes for side mounting
24mm 3/8-24 Inverted Flare 3/8-24 Inverted Flare NAPA 4739476
Coni-seal mc108168
United 39476
Raybestos mc39476
Dorman/Tru Torque m39476
Uniselect 103-39476
Raymold 2539476

1984-1992 Mopar mini van and some cars


MAKE CERTAIN YOU HAVE A DEVICE TO RETAIN THE BRAKE PEDAL PUSHROD IN THE MASTER CYLINDER! Brake pedal rods have a habit of falling out of the master cylinder under vibation, misadjustment or just plain bad luck. Either build or buy some device to make it impossible for the brake pedal pushrod to fall out of the master cylinder!!!

Fittings and Accessories

  • Special fittings needed - for 3/16 Inverted Flare female
  • For 3AN Male to 1/2-20 Inverted Flare Rear Outlet get Strange PN P2356 (Summit STR-P2356) *Note the rear port on most of these Master Cylinders is machined deeper than standard, not all 1/2-20 Fittings will work.
  • For 3AN Male to 9/16-20 Inverted Flare Front Outlet get Strange PN P2357 (Summit STR-P2357)
  • Jerry Bickle, Quartermax, ART and others sell 1/2-20 and 9/16-20 banjo fittings with either 3 AN male, or 1/8 npt female outlets which, while they aren't cheap, might work well for tight installations. Another plus is the fitting depth into the Master Cylinder won't matter with this fittings. Reference Jerry Bickle PN's JBRC5032-2 and JBRC5032-1.
  • Replacement Gaskets for Chrysler Master Cylinder Caps NAPA PN #675-1219 ( NOE 6751219). Should fit Strange M/C also.
  • You will likely need to slot the mounting bolt holes in order to bolt up to GM OEM mounting studs.


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