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These procedures will calibrate your Alky Pro setup for your car to match the Fuel Pressure and Flow obtained from the car’s instrumentation recorder with the Main Jet size you used. This calibration makes Alky Pro work like a Flow Bench Calibration of your fuel system for every run. There is nothing wrong with the Alky Pro software or your Racepak and flow meter. There are just so many different fuel setups and each flows a little different and the two need to be matched.

First thing you must do is to make sure Alky Pro is updated to the latest version by connecting your computer to the internet, open Alky Pro, select Help (Help > Check for Updates) at the top of the page and Check for Updates.

Second thing you should do: Alky Pro has made some internal calculation changes. In order not to change your fuel data without you knowing it Alky Pro has given the option to switch to the new calculations to make it a little more accurate. You can change over to the new calculation setup by selecting FILE and then "New" from the top menu (File > New), and re-entering your complete setup including the weather, then Save. You should do this before calibrating your system. You will see slight changes in Fuel Pressure and Target Flow but that will be taken care of by the Calibration. In the most top right hand corner of the program screen, you will see a small V1 or V2 displayed. V1 is Version One with the previous calculating version and V2 is the new calculating version. It will still calibrate and work on the previous version but recommend you change to the new version at this point.

***NOTE #1*** Most fuel pump flow data on the pump’s flow sheet is usually more than it actually is when on the car. This is caused by either the type liquid the manufacture used to flow the pump or the pump flow data to only be correct at the pressure specified on the flow data sheet. You may be required to decrease the pump flow data in Alky Pro to get a good calibration. Once Alky Pro is calibrated then all is good. Just like calibrating Jetsize using the Tuning Modifier.

***NOTE #2*** For Alky Pro to be Calibrated and Accurate you need to use Fuel Pressure taken off the output of the Fuel Pump. Using fuel distribution block pressure will not work.

***NOTE #3*** Open Alky Pro and go to the top of the page open SETTINGS/PREFERENCES and go to Jets, Nozzles & RPM and verify that you have the correct make jets selected. The Alky Pro program now does not automatically come up with Enderle Jets.


  1. Update Alky Pro Software (important)
  2. Not required but highly recommended re-entering whole fuel setup entering it under File then using NEW (File > New) at the top of the page so it shows a very small V2 at the top right corner of the page under the red box with X log out button.
  3. Make a note of actual weather, Boost, Fuel Pressure and Fuel Flow for the run before you calibrate.
  4. Let’s start…..first thing is to make sure the weather entered is correct for the run. Then adjust the Boost and then the Fuel Pressure using the Offset function to what was on the run. If you can’t get the fuel pressure to the numbers you want then do Step 5 and then return back and set the fuel pressure.
  5. Now by using the Target Flow at either 8000 or 9000 (depending on your system) while watching the Main Jet size adjust the flow until the Main Jet size matches exactly what jet/pill you used for the run. Don’t worry about what the flow is.
  6. Now check the Fuel Pressure again and adjust again if necessary. You may have to do this several times. Each time will get closer until it is right on.
  7. Check the Current Flow at your desired RPM and see if it matches your car’s data. If it doesn’t then proceed to next step.
  8. Go to Advanced at the top of the page and select Flow Offset (Advanced > Flow Offset)
  9. In Flow Offset CHECK the small box at the bottom left of the paragraph. Select either the 8000 or 9000 then insert actual Fuel Flow from run. You can either use the up and down arrows or type it in. If Alky Pro does not accept your flow numbers then back out to the main page and drop Fuel Pump flow at 8000 to be 1.5 GPM less. (I recommend dropping Pump Flow 1.5 at 8000 right away)
  10. Select Advanced > Flow Offset and select RPM desired and enter the actual Fuel Flow either by using the arrows or by typing the numbers in again. It should take this time. If not drop Fuel Pump flow again by .5 GPM and try again.
  11. Return to the main page and check Main Jet size, Fuel Pressure, and Current Flow. If still off then repeat Steps 5 through 10 until all is right on then Save as your Master Run and work off that run for future runs.

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